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The Greenhouse Effect has the right vibe to enjoy your favorite beverage tailored according to your needs in a cosy interior, or on the terrace with a charming view of the city Amsterdam. Wrapped in alluring hues and vivid attractions Amsterdam has so much to offer to the world for traveling, to this picturesque location. Filled with unconventional restaurants and historical museums, this place yet has so many unrevealed experiences to offer. What makes the site even more captivating to its tourists are the coffee-shops in Amsterdam. Amsterdam coffee shops are one of the main reasons for travelers from all around the globe come to explore the heavenly experiences of the city and make some nostalgic moments to be remembered forever.


If you are travelling to this beautiful city and are out looking for a place to vibe with your friends and have a great time out, then The Greenhouse Effect is one the best coffee-shops in Amsterdam. We are the perfect combination of cafe, lifestyle, and clothing for the people who stop by to have a relaxing time in the city. The right place where you can have your quality time and have some of the extravagant Amsterdam experiences. Enjoy the unmatched vibe of the place with our beverages offered that will satisfy your taste buds to the unmatched coffee escapes you ever had.

Apart from the satisfying edibles, exquisite coffee, and the coolest fashion, we have a lot more to offer. If you want to take back a token of love from the city our merchandise has a lot more stuff you can grab from. What’s better than picking up the most vintage wooden pipe to take back as a memory of our place? Take some authentic products of Amsterdam to your place and have a memory locked forever with them.

Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop


Located in the centre of city as a Local Coffeeshop we have so much to offer to our customers. While you enjoy your time and share the right vibe with your friends you can capture the vivid view of the city from our place.

We understand that a perfect coffee shop experience is one that serves the best coffee and makes you feel welcome. This is exactly what we focus on. Therefore to make your experience worth it in Amsterdam we are here to offer you some of the best beverages and nostalgic memories! Share your evening with us and spend your time in the best manner.

Without breaking any rules of the city, our little, cosy, and welcoming corner is the best place for people who are looking out to medicate in silence leaving all the chaotic queries of the mind behind for some time and entering into the world of peace


We the Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop are here to offer so much to every customer who stops by us, but we do have some rules which are strongly followed by our whole team and every person who makes a visit to our coffee shop.
If not followed by anyone inside the house we have the authority to take strict actions for the same.
The rules that need to be followed are listed as follows:

  • Any person wishing to enter the coffee shop should be holding an 18+ valid ID Card of their respective country, if not entry shall be prohibited.
  • Any kind of alcoholic beverage is not allowed to be carried inside the place.
  • Possession of any kind of drugs or weapons is strictly prohibited inside the premises of the coffee shop.
  • Any kind of sexual violence or sexual harassment is strongly prohibited. All forms of aggression, disruptive or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated and strict actions may be taken in need. Disrespect or discrimination in respect of culture, race, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited within the coffee shop
  • If any customer is seen under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs then we have the right to decline the particular person.
  • The goods brought by the customer are entirely their responsibility if any loss, theft, or damage takes place, we are not liable for the same
  • We have the right to deny entrance to any person we don’t feel is safe to be in the coffee shop/li>
  • Customers are not allowed to bring in any food and drinks from outside the coffee shop.

Amsterdam coffeeshop

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Amsterdam coffeeshops
Client Testimonial

Nice small coffeeshop with a nice seating area inside and outside . Friendly staff. Good variety of weed and good tunes.


We had the chocolate cake and it was amazing! Also, the cake felt homemade which is an extra plus 🙂 We were pleasantly suprised!!


For sure one of my favorites coffee shops in Amsterdam, lovely staff, nice coffee, and very good products

Katia Flores

I love it. I spent 3 hours in this coffee shop. Staff are very helpful . Quality of the product is awesome. I definitely come back again for sure.

TJ Jira