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The 4 Best Indica Strains to Find in Local Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Indica is a known term to both weed connoisseurs and newbies as well. 


Since “indica” is a broad term, its strains are known for their unique flavor and effects. Contrary to sativa strains which are sweeter and characterize more of a floral and fruity base, indica strains transcend into earthier, herbal and musky aromas. 


Indica is a great strain to relax in the many local coffeeshops in Amsterdam, watch a movie and just unwind after a difficult day or when you feel like letting go a little bit, especially before going to sleep. It is known for causing a feeling of relaxation and a sedating effect on the body and the mind. 


It is believed to originate from India (hence the name) but could’ve also originated from Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan. 


If you are looking for the relaxing and earthy feel of Indica, well, look no more. Here are the best strains of Indica that can be found in the local coffeeshops in Amsterdam.


Purple Punch 

Purple Punch is a great strain if you want to get sleepy. A combination of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, Purple Punch is a great indica strain that simultaneously numbs the body and head. Given its unusual fruity aroma, with a base of blueberry muffins, kool-aid and grape candy, it is most suited for after dinner since it can help with managing sleepless nights and insomnia. 


Northern Lights

With an exceptionally powerful smell and high potency, this famous Indica strain from Afghanistan is known for a high that will make you stare at a wall and wonder about the meaning of the universe. Since indicas are especially known for causing the munchies, grab a bag of potato chips before you enjoy this strain. Trust us, you will need it. 


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Bubba Kush

This is definitely one of the best cannabis indica strains out there in the local coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Known for its tranquilizing and numbing effects. With a base taste of coffee or cocoa and even chocolate, it will bring you a state of calamity and relaxation when exhaling. Users who want to be more discrete in their smoking rituals beware – this strain is known for its pungent smell. 



Created by DJ Short, also known as the “Willy Wonka of weed” in the late 70s, this famous, award-winning indica strain, just like its name, smells of blueberries and later an earthier and musky smell. One of the best cannabis indica strains that can be found in local coffeeshops in Amsterdam, Blueberry, creates a strong high that even experienced smokers need just a single puff to feel its effect.

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