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The Best Cali Strains in Amsterdam

Believe it or not, Cali weed has a long history. It started with recreational growth around the 1850s, but it was later prohibited with an amendment to the Poison Act of 1907, and marijuana was criminalized. 


But, in the early 90s of the last century, the efforts to decriminalize medical marijuana started in California. Soon followed the decriminalizing of recreational cannabis.


On the other hand, California is home to many incredible strains. You can find many of them in the best local coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Here are some of the best Cali strains: 

  • Jack Herer


This is one of the strains that provoke an invigorating, potent high with fruity notes that remind of apricots and hints of peppery, floral, and herbal scents. Named after the author, Jack Herer Strain, who was a cannabis activist, this strain has a powerful effect.

  • Sour Diesel 


Did you know that it’s also known under the name Asshole Joe? Another classic, Sour Diesel has a skunky taste that lingers long after you finish your smoke. Noted for its lemon and earthy taste notes, this strain is pungent and has a high that will energize your whole body.

  • Wedding Cake


With a rather sweet name that also goes under Pink Cookies, this mix of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) will take you on a euphoric ride. Given its high THC consistency, a little goes a long way! It’s noted for its sweetness, hence the name, but has a spicy aftertaste. 

  • Blue Dream


This cool, berry-flavored hybrid descendant of Blueberry and Haze creates a rather balanced high that relaxes your body limb by limb. High in THC and low in CBD, Blue Dream creates a potent high suitable for veterans and beginners alike. 

  • Gelato


Funny enough, the second name for this strain is Lary Bird – an homage to the basketball player. Gelato creates a euphoric high and makes sleeping easier. Dominated by sweet flavors, it rounds creamy aftertastes that mostly revolve around citrus and notes of yeast and dough.

  • Granddaddy Purple


A super popular Indica strain, Granddaddy Purple has a high that hits both body and mind simultaneously, while the body high lingers longer. Novice users should be careful, though – just a hit or two is enough of this one. 

  • Original Glue


Named because its potency can glue you to a couch, this heavy award-winning Indica packs a whopping 30% of THC. Its flavors and aroma are mostly earthy and piney, with hints of chocolate and diesel. Original Glue is one of those strains you either love or hate – there’s no in-between. 

  • Sherbert/Sunset Sherbet


This Cali strain is a hybrid of legendary Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. It offers the best of both worlds – a motivating, euphoric Sativa high that mellows down by a bodily indica relaxation and soothing effect. With sweet notes of berries and orange zest, this sweet strain will win you over. 

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