Sour Diesel Weed Amsterdam


If you’re in the mood for an easy, daydream-like strain that will energize you, Sour Diesel should be the first one on your mind. A rather Sativa-based strain with powerful cerebral effects, this strain is easy to fold and fast. 


Just like many strains, it is not quite sure how it came to be. Many researchers believe it was accidentally created from Chemdawg, specifically Chemdawg 91 and the OG Kush line. Possible descendants include DNL and the Massachusetts Super Skunk. 


Sour Diesel weed in Amsterdam can be easily found in some of the best local coffee shops


The name comes from its strong, sharp scent that lingers long after you’re done smoking, so be careful if you want to have an intimate, low-key smoke sesh. 


It is also known under the name of Asshole Joe. We’d guess by its gassy, skunky, heavy, pungent sour smell with hints of lemon. 


This strain showed up in the 90s, and it won people’s hearts early on. 


In its highest form, it packs 26% THC but has a way lower average of 18% and, as expected, barely any CBD, with a maximum of around 2% in its most potent forms. It combines an indica body high with some sativa energization and this is just one reason that makes Sour Diesel a great strain. 


When you start smoking, you will feel a steep rise in energy that will drive your creativity and inspire you to take action. This means it’s also great for a Wake and Bake session, especially if you’re in the creative field and want to activate your brain with some innovative ideas. 


Talking about aromas, the name Sour Diesel is very much on-brand – a strong and pungent smell reminiscent of skunky haze lingers on. Similarly, the taste is very earthy, gassy, and herbal, with a lemony aftertaste. 


Sour Diesel is also suitable for dealing with anxiety and depression by boosting your mood. Given its super-strong potency, it’s no wonder that it will activate every cell in your brain and kick anxiety to the curb. It’s also great if you’re dealing with fatigue, appetite loss, migraine, or any mood disorders you might have. Thanks to its power to energize users, Sour Diesel can improve PTSD, manic depression, or otherwise known as bipolar disorder.

If you are looking for a strain that will energize you and motivate you to start your day, and you don’t mind a strong, skunky smell, then look for Sour Diesel in coffeeshops that open early in Amsterdam.

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