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7 Coolest Coffeeshops in Amsterdam To Drop In!

Looking to try out some of Amsterdam’s best coffee shops? Indeed, the city is loaded with many of them. Cannabis was legalized in the Dutch capital in 1980 and since then, the city has become renowned for its smoking society and innumerable eccentric coffeeshops. Smoking a joint to some extent once while visiting the city has turned into a tourist must-do. With such a lot of decision around the city, we’ve gathered together the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam.


Coffeeshop De Kroon

Coffeeshop De Kroon is one of the award-winning coffeeshops in Amsterdam that tops the list for many Amsterdam travelers. It’s easy to feel at home and comfortable with a modern stylistic theme specked by modern lights and comfortable seating, the atmosphere in the coffee shop is welcoming to say the least. Coffeeshop De Kroon’s menu ordinarily incorporates assortments of marijuana, as well as pre-rolled joints, space cakes, and hash. The staff prides itself on answering all questions visitors may have in a friendly and approachable way. This is a great place for visitors who want to chill out with friends, mellow music, and a mix of people.


Coffeshop Green House Effect

Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop is found straightforwardly on Nieuwmarkt Square. This is among the top places of interest in the city, dense with both historic buildings and modern businesses. Greenhouse Effect is actually one of several coffeeshops in Amsterdam directly on the square, which is seemingly amazing property for such businesses. This shop was earlier situated on Warmoesstraat, and was appended to a small hotel. It was a well known spot. With the changing of guidelines in the shady area of town, nonetheless, the coffeeshop had to move. Both travelers and locals are commonly found visiting the Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop making for a diverse and fun atmosphere to experience.



Coffeeshop Siberie is a great contender on this list if you’re looking for a cafe-style atmosphere perfect for sipping on a relaxing day during the day with a hot cup of coffee. With spectacular views of Amsterdam’s famous narrow houses overlooking the canal, this place is pretty much unbeatable when it comes to photo opportunities. Siberie offers a great menu, some of the friendliest staff in town, and a great drink selection (no alcohol is served here but the chocmel is delightful). The cool atmosphere and light, airy decor make you feel at home. There’s a great selection of weeds and cookies!


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Green House Centrum

Snacks, drinks, salads and shakes. Green House Centrum is more than just a coffeeshops in Amsterdam. This cozy – and often packed – coffee shop in De Wallen overlooks the canal, boasting a picturesque central location. Inside, there’s a funky yet relaxed interior with wooden floors and an eye-popping color scheme; Orange, brown and yellow. Pop in for a toastie and an addition. The Green House has seen a slew of celebrities over the years, from Miley Cyrus, Pink!, Lil Wayne, and Rihanna.


Easy Times

Situated right in the heart of Amsterdam at Prinsengracht 476, Easy Times has a relaxed ambiance and a welcoming décor with sofas, flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi. This is a great place for visitors who are looking for a delicious selection of marijuana-infused baked goods and a laid-back atmosphere that isn’t too loud or rowdy. As with all coffeeshops in Amsterdam, you must be at least 18 years of age to enter and follow certain house rules, which include no outside food or drink, you may not consume alcohol, and no sleeping shop. You can check the Easy Times website for the current menu.


Grey Area

Grey Area is a fantastic coffeeshop close to the Nine Streets that has been in operation for over 25 years. Many famous faces have smoked here, from Snoop Dogg to Ty Dol$igne. It’s hard to miss the colorful, quirky building plastered in skater stickers. Inside, there’s a casual vibe that feels like you’re relaxing in a sitting. It is open every day from noon to 8:00 pm and is the original home of strains such as Double Bubble Gum, Gray Haze, and Yellow Cab. There isn’t a lot of seating at this shop, and there are actually only 17 seats between the counter and the table!


Orignal Dampkring

If you come in for the smoke at Original Dampkring, you won’t be disappointed. This small but well decorated coffeeshop in Amsterdam is a that really lives up to its reputation. The quality of the weed is really good and the strains are old school. We hear Lemon Space Cake is the winner here. The whole vibe is super relaxed, just make sure to follow the rules – eg you can’t be on your phone that’s a little cool. Original Dampking also serves up great milkshakes.

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