Cannabis May Help People Suffering From Hearing Loss

Cannabis is a plant of wonders, and science has done a lot to prove it. Many medical issues have been treated with the use of medical cannabis, although a huge number of countries still see it as a controversial plant, making it illegal.


Cannabis is known to be helpful for people suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and a list of other issues. It has also been shown to be efficient in treating some of the underlying causes of hearing loss.


Hearing loss makes it difficult for people who suffer from it to live a normal life. It affects the quality of life in a rather negative way, and, more often than not, it causes anxiety and even depression, as people tend to avoid social engagement and start to miss out on experiences.


Roughly one-quarter of people between the ages of 55 and 65 have partial hearing loss, and half of the senior citizens over the age of 65 deal with the same. Older people make up the bigger percentage of people suffering from it, but there is no way we can ignore the children and young adult who also face the same problem.


Hearing loss can be extremely dangerous because patients can’t hear what is happening around them which can lead to accidents and even tragedies.


One of the most common causes of hearing loss is considered to be tinnitus – a ringing in the ears. There is no treatment for tinnitus, so in cases like this one, it is important to first address the underlying causes.

There can be a number of reasons causing hearing loss, such as age, damage, disease or some combination of the three, and tinnitus is believed to be caused by immune system deficiencies. Medical cannabis has the power to help when such deficiencies occur.


To understand how that happens, we need to look at some studies.

There are new studies that list medical cannabis as a potential treatment for tinnitus and related hearing loss. It is known that issues in the immune system may cause the majority of underlying conditions (such as ear infections or benign tumors) which can cause tinnitus; it is easy from that point on to conclude that cannabis may be the help we are looking for, as it is already proven that CBD helps with boosting the immune system.


A study also tracks the cause for epilepsy and tinnitus and finds that they share the same cause of overly excited cells in the brain flooding the tissue with an overload of signals. Knowing this, the pharmacological way of treating tinnitus with CBD can be by using epilepsy drugs that affect specific potassium channels in the brain.


But there are countless reported side effects cases from using ototoxic medications as they can even worsen the symptoms. The name itself means “ear poisoning”. This is why considering replacing these medications with cannabis may be the best and the healthiest option.


Even though we can’t count on medical cannabis to be the ultimate cure for hearing loss, especially when it is caused by physical injuries or blockages, we should really consider giving it a try for cases like tinnitus.

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