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Essential Tips to Know Before Traveling to Amsterdam

The unseen adventures and beauty of Amsterdam attract numerous travelers from all over the globe every year. There are people who make frequent vacations to this place due to the right vibe this place offers.

Yet there are several people who travel here for the first time. To all the newbies coming to the place with their friends for making nostalgic memories for their upcoming years, here are some pro tips you need to know.


For cannabis fans, Amsterdam is like a Mecca. Nearly every recreational cannabis user will want to experience the nation’s liberal attitude toward cannabis usage and the famed coffee shop culture for themselves.


But what kind of conduct is appropriate at one of these well-known coffee shops?

What is Dutch marijuana culture actually like, and how can you enjoy yourself while still adhering to the community’s traditions? Here is a structured guide that will make things simpler and easier for you while you look out for a Cannabis coffee shop in Amsterdam.


Cannabis rules and regulations in the Amsterdam, Netherlands


It’s necessary to review the regulations surrounding cannabis in The Netherlands before we look at some coffee shop advice for visitors to Amsterdam.

Simply said, it is OK to purchase and use cannabis at a coffee shop (given the coffee shop allows for on-site consumption). However, because the persons who provide coffee shops with marijuana are technically not permitted to sell or cultivate cannabis, they exist in legal limbo. However, end consumers are unaffected by this.

Although it is officially forbidden to use cannabis in public. Other “soft drugs,” such as salvia, peyote, and magic truffles (a psychedelic made from common psilocybin mushrooms), are sold through “smart shops.” These goods may be bought, sold, and owned legally.



Quick tips for travelers planning to visit Amsterdam Coffeeshops


The foremost reason this place attracts so much attention from all over the world is the marijuana coffee shops in Amsterdam. The coffee shops here welcome the consumers to chill with their friends and enjoy the right vibe while leaving all the chaotic problems behind and entering the world of nirvana. But people do need to know the essential tips prior to entering the place. Make a checklist of the
below-mentioned tips to make sure everything goes smoothly during your trip.


Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop

Only Coffeeshops are legally permitted to sell weed.


Instead of coffee shops, cafes, or coffee houses, places that sell marijuana in Amsterdam are referred to as “coffeeshops.” While coffee shops or houses are places that provide coffee but no cannabis and cafes are really simply ordinary bars.

However, don’t anticipate any signs promoting marijuana, brownies, or anything else associated with it as doing so is prohibited. Instead, search for “coffeeshop” written on a window or, if you’re lost, just ask a local to take you that way.

Oh, and never, ever, ever purchase marijuana from a street vendor. Cannabis sales are only permitted legally through cannabis coffeeshop in Amsterdam.



Do carry your ID


In Amsterdam, you must be at least 18 years old to visit a cannabis coffee shop in Amsterdam. This denotes a minimum age of 18. Coffee shops must verify that you are over the legal drinking age, thus many will request identification.

So even if you appear to be 80, you should still carry identification since you could not be allowed entry without it.


Buy Green!


The majority of Amsterdam’s high-end coffee shops are stocking their shelves with cannabis that has been cultivated organically. This is fantastic news for those trying to stay away from strains produced using synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides.

While it’s always a good idea to have a healthy dose of scepticism when it comes to how cannabis is presented, you may ask the budtenders at coffee shops whether they carry any real, organic marijuana.


Before you light up, ask the owner


In Amsterdam, there is usually a smoking space in coffee shops. Some stores could even let you smoke anywhere inside. Some, however, prohibit smoking anywhere on the property.

Always check with the shop personnel before starting up to be safe considering the fact that you are new to the place.


Never consume cannabis on an empty stomach


Always eat something before using cannabis, especially if you intend to
experiment with an edible. People typically discover that cannabis has better effects when consumed on an empty stomach, while edibles are typically best appreciated after consuming food and liquids.

Fortunately, the majority of marijuana coffee shops in Amsterdam provide modest fare and nonalcoholic drinks.

Some also sell a range of other goods including cakes, sandwiches, and handmade juices.


Feeling confused? Consult someone around


There may be a high chance that you are not aware of which strain is most suitable for you if you don’t smoke regularly or just want to experience the adventure of the city. We advise you to speak with the budtender at your local coffee shop to select a good strain so you don’t get one that’s too potent for you.

After consulting the budtender, if you’re still unsure about your decision, we advise picking a Sativa hybrid.

Cannabis strains classified as sativa are known for their energising, uplifted, and intellectual qualities. On the other hand, indicas frequently result in a stronger body stone that novice users could find overpowering. You can find both these strains easily in the cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam.


Do have fun!


Having fun is the most crucial aspect of visiting a marijuana coffee shop in Amsterdam. Don’t feel compelled to consume cannabis; it’s acceptable to simply relax with a cup of coffee, some juice, or a light snack. Instead, be sure to soak in the particular energy and environment of the location you’re in.

Given above are some of the most important facts that need to be considered if you are traveling to the place for the very first time.

Keep these simple tips with you and you will end up having the best experience of your life.

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