Etiquettes To Follow At Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

When buying weed at coffeeshops in Amsterdam for the first time you need to be aware of a few little things:


You can’t smoke tobacco


Smoking cigarettes in public places is against Dutch law.

Some coffeeshops in Amsterdam won’t let you light it, even if it’s infused in joints with marijuana.

If you’re not sure, always ask the budtender where you can smoke tobacco.


You can buy no more than five grams per day


It is against the law to add more than five grams per day to a coffeeshop.

But in a coffeeshop with such a high quality and strong weed

Amsterdam, you are unlikely to meet this limit.


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You must keep your ID in your bag


Even if you do not appear to be over 28 days old, you will still be asked for your ID.

The legal age for smoking weed in coffeeshops in Amsterdam is 18, and coffeeshops are strict about enforcing the law.

I left my passport at my hotel (I have a history of having my bags stolen) and used my South African driving license without any problems.


You can’t buy alcohol


Coffeeshops in Amsterdam are banned from selling weed and alcohol.

The logic behind this is that the Dutch government does not want you to mix the two substances and cause public disturbances or accidents.


You need to check payment methods


Not all coffeeshops in Amsterdam accept card payments.

Before you buy some weed, ask Budtender what type of payment they accept.

Make sure your credit card is authorized for overseas withdrawals and purchases to avoid being unable to make payments.


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