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Jack Herer Strain – All You Need to Know

Jack Herer is an extremely popular strain, famous under the name “JH,” “The Jack,” “Premium Jack,” and “Platinum Jack.” This sativa-based strain provides a high somewhere between a cerebral and physical effect. In other words, it creates a state of deep relaxation. However, you are still attentive and in the mood for a chill conversation. 

This amazing strain that can be found in the local coffeeshops in Amsterdam has won a whopping 9 Cannabis Cup Titles while packing somewhere between 15 and 24% THC. 

The name comes as an homage to the author of the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” who is a lifelong cannabis activist. This book, currently in its 12th edition, written in 1985, is a very influential source that is consistently cited by many pro-cannabis authors in the revolution for cannabis legalization and decriminalization. 

The main goal of the book is to commercialize and industrialize cannabis globally. The author, Jack Herer, was also the director and founder of the Help End Marijuana Prohibition, or funny enough HEMP. There is also a Jack Herer Cup, held in Las Vegas to honor him further. 

Although the exact formula of how Jack Herer came to be is a secret, its parents are believed to be Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights no.5. 

Talking about how Jack Herer tastes, you can taste fruity notes like apricots and peaches with hints of floral, peppery, and herbal scents when first inhaled. 

The high from this strain hits you quite quickly – first, you feel a strong headrush, although it’s more to boost your energy than to be disoriented. As time passes or you take a bit more, the initial relaxation starts to spread down, and you feel your neck and limbs going into a more relaxed state, but without the immobilizing effects.

You then become more alert, and your creativity starts to bloom. Jack Herer is excellent for a quick brainstorming or visualization session, but it’s also great for social settings and good conversations.  

Given its relaxation and buzz effects that affect both the mind and the body, consumers of Jack Herer are stimulated with high lucid control of what they do. It creates a mellow high that is good for treating stress, depression, and anxiety. Some users also report a sense of relief from migraines, chronic pain and aches. 

It is a great strain for a wake and bake session, and not so great for the evenings, especially if you’re experiencing insomnia, since its potency of thought and mood enhancement can keep users awake. 

All in all, Jack Herer is a great strain to get you flowing during the day and can be easily found in many Amsterdam coffeeshops.

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