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4 Don’ts of Amsterdam Coffeeshops You Must Follow

Amsterdam Coffeeshops should not be confused with coffee shops or cafes in Amsterdam, which are like American coffee shops that serve coffee and bakery goods. If you want to get up high in Amsterdam, however, there are plenty of coffeeshops in the city.

These won’t help you when traveling to this city in the Netherlands, especially in the Red Light District, where most of the coffeeshops are located.


Don’t confuse “coffeeshop” with “coffee house” or “cafe”


First-time visitors to Amsterdam coffeeshops may be confused by the terms used for the various establishments. A licensed seller of cannabis products has always been referred to as a coffeeshop. A coffee house sells coffee and light meals, while a café is a casual restaurant or bar. If you’re still confused, look for a green and white sticker on the window stating the license that designates its establishment as a coffee shop.

Visitors should also be aware that coffeeshops do not sell alcohol. Since 2007, Dutch laws have dictated that a shop can sell alcohol or cannabis products but never both.


Don’t Buy Too Much


One of the biggest mistakes coffeeshop visitors make is buying too much of what they’ve chosen. A little goes a long way, and you can always come back, so buy in small quantities.

For example, if you’re with a group, you don’t need to buy individual bags. Cannabis is meant to be shared! These cannabis products are likely to be a lot more intense than other products you’ve tried, and if you’ve never tried them before, you should start slowly. Overbuying will turn into a waste of money and the leftovers will be thrown into the garbage on their way to the airport.


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Don’t Underestimate the Effects


Even if you have tried cannabis products in the past, you should be warned that the selections at Amsterdam coffeeshops are quite strong. If you’re brand new to this, educate yourself by asking employees about the effects and ease up slowly.

Pre-rolled joints are often rolled with tobacco to reduce the strength of the weed or hash. Pure weed additions are sometimes available but they are not meant to be enjoyed in a single sitting.

Be especially cautious when eating space cakes. Many people don’t understand that the effects of cannabis in edibles are much greater than that of smoking. The consequences—which many people describe as a “journey”—can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what you’re in for.


Don’t Expect to Find Pipes


Most coffeeshops in the city only sell pre-rolled joints, hash, and edibles, so if you’re looking for other materials for smoking like glass pipes or bongs, you’ll need to head to a specialty shop instead.

Headshops and most souvenir shops across the city sell pipes, especially in the Red Light and Centrum districts. However, you should keep in mind that if you use a pipe in Amsterdam coffeeshops, you will not be able to get it through customs in the United States because the union is still banned.

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