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How to get rid of Cannabis Smell

Smoking cannabis, although approved and decriminalized in many countries and found in a lot of local coffeeshops in Amsterdam, is still a habit that many people do not like to broadcast in public. However, thanks to its terpenes (backlink), cannabis has a very potent smell that is unpleasant and can stink up your clothes easily. Many people don’t feel ashamed of smoking weed yet want to hide the smell.


If you fall into that category, look no further my friend. Here are several ways to get rid of the cannabis smell.


1. Mouthwash, gum or mints


Let’s face it, if you smoke weed, no matter how fruity the inhale, the exhale doesn’t smell good. That’s why it’s always good to have some gum or mints or even mouthwash. Not only if you want to hide the “I smoked weed earlier” but because bad breath can stink up a whole conversation and leave a bad impression. No one likes or even tolerates bad breath. It’s just hygiene. 


No matter how cool you think it looks, trust us, bad breath is something you don’t wanna have. That’s why having something to refresh your breath is a good idea. Whether it’s gum, mints, or even mouthwash, having good breath is very important. 


 2. Hand sanitizer or a good smelling cream


If you smoke weed, there’s a high chance (get it?) that your hands stink, and just like bad breath, that ain’t good. So, to save yourself from bad-smelling hands, especially in a marijuana coffeeshop in Amsterdam having a hand sanitizer (plus, it’s still corona time) or good-smelling hand cream can mask the lingering smell of weed. 


However, you must be careful with hand sanitizer. Because hand sanitizer dries your hands, it’s going to leave you with ashy little residues. That’s why it’s better to apply lotion or cream. Plus, they smell way better anyway.  


 3. Wet wipes

In case you are not the hand cream type of person but still want to save yourself from the potent smell of weed, we highly suggest using wet wipes. Although not as aromatic as hand cream, but still very effective, wet wipes will help you achieve your purpose, which is of course remove the smell of your hands. 


4. Deodorant or Perfume

If you want to get rid of the smell of cannabis throughout your whole body, then use a deodorant or perfume. This will reduce the smell and make sure you smell good. And everyone likes good-smelling people.

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